Tony Everett

Life, Played at Full Potential.

I founded Pure Game because I believe all children are gifted and talented, and they deserve the opportunity to explore and uncover these abilities.

I use the game of soccer to engage kids in a way that helps me develop a relationship of trust and support. I want to show these kids they have what it takes, and that living a life on purpose is worth it.

The catch phrase of Pure Game "Life played at full potential" captures the essence of what I want all of us to have the ability to do.

The mission of Pure Game is to provide positive mentors who champion the development of a child's self-esteem and confidence, inspiring them to believe in themselves and the possibilities of a better life. 

Our vision is a community of children and youth that are realizing their potential, contributing to the community as young leaders, and confidently making positive choices that reflect their unique strengths and personalities.

Sport: Soccer
College/Pro Team: United Kingdom / Helena Romanas
Chapter: Orange County I
Profession: Consulting & Service
Specialty: Non-Profit
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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    We are an exclusive community of former college and professional athletes excelling in the world of business. We are competitors, teammates, friends, and trusted advisors. We expect nothing but success at the highest level as business professionals.

    From the backboards to the boardrooms or the courts to the court of law, we maintain the passion, discipline, and fortitude to thrive in the sport of business. The uniforms may be different, but the athlete is always the same.