Todd Ackerman

Weather it's a long term insurance plan, or a long pass down the sideline, Todd's got you covered.

I provide individual attention and a personal touch with big firm resources.

Todd Ackerman is passionate about providing clients financial security for themselves, their families, and their businesses. Since 1993, he has been in the business of protecting clients' most important asset -- their ability to earn an income to provide for their family. His specialties include: wealth preservation strategies, high limit disability insurance, wealth accumulation, estate planning, and tax-efficient non-qualified retirement plans. Todd has been very successful in auditing clients' existing life insurance policies to confirm whether or not they are performing as expected. On average, he has found that 3 out of 5 policies are underperforming and has been able to offer them a better value due to product innovations in the insurance industry. 

Senior Managing Director at Cedar Point Financial Services

Sport: Football
College/Pro Team: Cornell
Chapter: West Los Angeles
Profession: Insurance
Specialty: Life & Disability
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