Shannon Hirtensteiner

An Endurance Runner Now Enduring Labor and Employment Litigation for Great Clients!

The partnership of McMillion & Hirtensteiner, LLP brings together talented, experienced, and dedicated attorneys who serve the specialized needs of their clients. McMillion & Hirtensteiner, LLP's professional philosophy and technological sophistic

The Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Lawyers at McMillion & Hirtensteiner, LLP are ready to help you with just about any type of legal issues you or your business may face in California. Our Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Attorneys represent a myriad of clients from all over the State. Our lawyers, with offices in Los Angeles County and Orange County, are equipped with the latest technology, making the geographic location of our clients in California almost irrelevant. With handhelds, laptops, and the latest in legal technology, we effectively represent clients, large and small, across Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the rest of California.

Our Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Lawyers represent diverse corporate clients and municipalities as well as individuals in a wide array of matters ranging from labor and employment to general liability. McMillion & Hirtensteiner, LLP is a boutique firm with expertise representing clients in government and the restaurant/hospitality, sportswear, security, and transportation industries.

Our Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Attorneys have a sophisticated litigation and appellate practice, and our Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Lawyers are proud to offer a personal team service. Our incredible growth has come from understanding our client's problems and solving those problems with an insightful, common-sense approach using our collective legal, practical, and political skills.

If you need the expertise of one of our Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Attorneys or have a question about our law firm, spend some time looking around this site, then call or e-mail our Huntington Beach and Westlake Village Lawyers. We're ready to give your legal problem the attention it deserves, and if our lawyers can't help you, we will recommend a law firm that can.

Sport: Cross Country
College/Pro Team: Pepperdine University
Chapter: Westlake Village (CrossBiz)
Profession: Attorney
Specialty: Labor/Employment/Meditation
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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    We are an exclusive community of former college and professional athletes excelling in the world of business. We are competitors, teammates, friends, and trusted advisors. We expect nothing but success at the highest level as business professionals.

    From the backboards to the boardrooms or the courts to the court of law, we maintain the passion, discipline, and fortitude to thrive in the sport of business. The uniforms may be different, but the athlete is always the same.