Roland Williams

Passionate. Professional. Impactful.

A proven winner. Known as one of the most positive and energetic players in NFL history, Roland Williams has dedicated his life after football to helping individuals across the globe live healthier lives.

Roland is an entrepreneur and philanthropist hand picked by companies including, Merrill Lynch, Coca Cola, UPS, Viacom and many more to share his football-inspired secrets to transformative improvements in productivity, communication, conflict resolution, leadership and consistency.

As President of J2 Medical Supply, Roland is leveraging more than 30+ years of manufacturing, distribution and logistics experience in the USA & China to help healthcare organizations, government agencies and essential workers get the critical PPE they need to protect and serve. Current large quantity products include:

• FDA, CE & NIOSH Certified KN95 Masks
• 3-Ply Disposable Masks
• Custom Reusable Protective Masks
• Nitrile Gloves (4 Mil)
• AAMI Level 2 & 3 Disposable Gowns
• Isolation Coveralls
• Face Shields
• Hand Sanitizer

Founder and Chairman of the Board at Extreme Mentoring and Empowerment Initiative

Sport: Football
College/Pro Team: Syracuse University
Chapter: Westlake Village (CrossBiz)
Profession: Entrepreneur
Specialty: Non-Profit
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