Michael Veltri

Leadership Expert & Nationwide Bestselling Business Author

Business transformation keynote speaker with an exclusive system for achieving peak performance.

Michael Veltri is a battle-hardened entrepreneur, business leader, nationwide bestselling author, and business transformation keynote speaker on a mission to teach successful professionals how to make better decisions & reach peak performance with balance, not burnout.

You've probably heard of Sun Tzu's classic book, The Art of War —  strategies & tactics that have fueled business performance for decades.  Even more powerful is an ancient philosophy called The Mushin (Moo-sheen) Way that Michael has uncovered & now teaches to audiences via his keynote speeches & bestselling book, The Mushin Way to Peak Performance:  The Path to Productivity, Balance, and Success.

Michael has worked with diverse clients including Fortune magazine Global 500 standout, Samsung, and the world’s foremost medical research center, the National Institutes of Health. Michael’s work has been featured by The Washington Post, Forbes, NBC News, & NPR.  For more information visit michaelveltri.com. 

Chief Creative Officer and Keynote Speaker

Sport: Martial Arts, Basketball
College/Pro Team: The Ohio State University
Chapter: Westlake Village
Profession: Consulting & Services
Specialty: Corporate & Personal Training
Preferred Contact: (202) 253-3726

Michael Veltri's activity stream

  • Full-Time Fitness Program Manager Needed in Thousand Oaks & Ventura


    Member: Michael Veltri (Westlake Team)

    Immediate openings for a full-time Fitness Program Director at well-established and very professional marital arts school in Thousand Oaks and Ventura: Website LINK


    Responsibilities include:

    +Sales: Signing up new adult and youth students;

    +Retention: Upgrading and renewing existing students into advanced training programs;

    +Marketing: Generating new adult and youth student leads in a variety of ways;

    +Administrative: Running sales and marketing reports, assisting with various office tasks, interacting with other staff, students, and prospects;


    Prospective candidates should meet these requirements:

    +College graduate;

    +Strong communication skills, sales skills, computer literacy, and good organizational skills;

    +No martial arts experience necessary, however, must possess a willingness and passion to learn martial arts;

    +Possess own vehicle;

    +Available to work evenings and weekends;


    Position benefits:

    +Compensation of $40K to $50K++ (base salary $36K + monthly commissions);

    +Opportunities to advance within the organization;

    +Become part of a unique, dynamic team that stresses personal growth and leadership development;


    Please email questions, resume, etc to michael@michaelveltri.com.