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Why join athletestouch?

We are all rookies and veterans. Members range from being fresh out of a sports career to others with decades of business experience. Our ages may vary between 25-65, but the mindset is the same. Our members include Fortune 500 advisors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals in real estate, finance, accounting, marketing, and tech.

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Membership Features

Membership is by invitation only. Members must earn their spot on the team. Our membership qualifications are built on 3 Pillars. While not limited to these types of achievements, these demonstrate the characteristics of AthletesTouch members.

  Success in sport
  Success in business
  Success in community

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Member Benefits

AthletesTouch can help you get involved in grassroots mentorship programs and community events. These programs teach student athletes about business and the importance of networking.

  Starting or building a company? Access the elite end of the talent pool immediately. From day 1, you’ll meet potential business partners, advisors, and confidants.

  Expand your business knowledge. Another benefit is admission to exclusive events with rare speakers and leaders of industry in a fun business setting.

  Gain access to an unlimited number of meetings. As a member of one “team”, you are able to guest or visit all of the other meetings at any time during the year.

Consider this, where else can you hear Jerry West, NBA Hall of Famer, and Greg Koch, Founder of Stone Brewing Company, speak to the same organization? From top law firm boardrooms to volleyball courts to dive bars, we keep events and experiences fresh and exciting. You will leave every meeting inspired to do something greater.

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Interested in joining AthletesTouch? We’d like to get to know you better. Just follow these steps to be considered for membership:

  Fill out your profile on the website: your college or professional sport, professional background, and contact information.

  Check the Calendar of Events and RSVP to an upcoming meeting.