Larry Steinberg

Tax Mitigation

Larry turns income into net worth

Larry Steinberg a well‐known financial adviser, thought leader, and speaker. Larry is a published author, has been quoted in numerous publications and is a regular speaker at conferences and industry events.

Larry serves two roles within Financial Architects. He serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, managing the firm’s investment portfolios as an endowment model advisor, using alternative and traditional investments focusing on after tax returns for IRAs, trusts, qualified retirement plans, donor advised funds and captive insurance.

Larry has a strong focus on tax strategy as that is often the client’s largest impediment to growing their net worth and gaining financial freedom. Another way to frame that is Larry turns income into net worth. Whether the income is from a business, a salary, or the sale of an asset such as a closely held business or piece of real estate, Larry has multiple ways to reduce the taxes and allow the client to keep more of their own money.

Larry also runs two private investment funds, the Steinberg Funds, one focusing on real estate and the other unique business opportunities.

Larry is an Investment Adviser Representative of Claraphi Advisory Network, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.

CA Insurance License 0B19683.

Financial Quarterback

Sport: Football and Rugby
College/Pro Team: Occidental College
Chapter: Pasadena
Profession: Investment Adviser
Specialty: Taxation
Preferred Contact: 6268441190

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