Joe Morrison

Hit Line Drives in College, Now Handling Line Items for My Clients!

Specializing in Consulting Services for Emerging and Growing Businesses

Servatius, O'Brien & Fong, LLP is a full service CPA firm, providing audit, accounting and tax services for individuals and business owners. We help our business clients consider the tax implications of their next business move, report their annual financial results, and analyze how they can keep more revenue for their business health and growth.

Our clients include high-growth businesses, social enterprises, and high-wealth individuals investing in their family's and community's future. Our culture is to be a trusted advisor to our clients, pro-actively communicating with them in a balance that optimizes our relationship.

We have also taken a great interest in consulting services for the emerging and growing business with the client's entrepreneurial spirit in mind, by offering creative strategies, practical solutions, rapid response, and access to key resources in the business community.

Sport: Baseball
College/Pro Team: Azusa Pacific University
Chapter: Manhattan Beach
Profession: Accountant
Specialty: Taxation
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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