Jeff Krieger

A business break up can be almost as bad as a marriage break up

Showing businesses that bankruptcy does not have to break your business.

I advise clients in minimizing financial risk when entering into a variety of types of agreements, including loan agreements, purchase and sale agreements, joint venture agreements, and settlement agreements. I help create solutions for clients who have already entered into transactions with troubled companies, including representing them in proceedings before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Investors also turn to me when purchasing stock in private companies or acquiring assets both in and outside of bankruptcy proceedings.

Sport: Tennis
College/Pro Team: Swarthmore College
Chapter: West Los Angeles
Profession: Attorney
Specialty: Bankruptcy
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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    We are an exclusive community of former college and professional athletes excelling in the world of business. We are competitors, teammates, friends, and trusted advisors. We expect nothing but success at the highest level as business professionals.

    From the backboards to the boardrooms or the courts to the court of law, we maintain the passion, discipline, and fortitude to thrive in the sport of business. The uniforms may be different, but the athlete is always the same.