Jason Blatt

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I pride myself on due diligence and compassion to produce a positive outcome for my clients

Jason Blatt has been in real estate finance since 2000. His background comes from the education field. He has a Master’s in Education from University of Southern California and taught high school economics for five years prior to working in the mortgage industry. His strong personal relationships and relentless work ethic have kept him successful during these tough lending times. It’s one thing to have great customer service in this ever changing loan environment but the loan officer has to possess superior knowledge of the loan products. Qualifying for a home loan these days can be flat out daunting. Jason spends an extreme amount of time doing his due diligence on every loan before it’s submitted. He learned this strong discipline as a member of the University of Colorado Football team (1990-1993). At Colorado, he was a part of a National Championship team (1990) and two Big Eight championship teams (1990, 1991).

Loan Officer

Sport: Football
College/Pro Team: University of Colorado, Boulder
Chapter: Westlake Village (CrossBiz)
Profession: Banking/Finance
Specialty: Mortgage/Real Estate
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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    Member: Justin Blatt (West Los Angeles Team Member)

    Congrats to Jason and his daughter for their appearance on The Home and Family Show on the Hallmark Channel last week! Here’s a clip of Jason learning how to curl his daughters hair!  After the experience Jason said “I think I am going to stick to my day job.” VIDEO LINK

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