Gilad Karni

Coach and Consultant to high-level Leaders, Athletes, and Entrepreneur

Gilad Karni provides transformational coaching and consulting in performance, leadership, and culture-building to high-level leaders, sports professionals, and entrepreneurs with inspiring missions. 

Gilad is a former Special Forces Operative in the Israeli Army and a former Professional Basketball Player. Throughout his life, Gilad was a leader in highly competitive and high-pressure environments in which leaders and teamwork are tested daily at its best and worst. Gilad has a breadth of knowledge in high-performing and high-pressure environments.

Currently residing in Seattle, WA, and working with clients worldwide. Gilad brings compassionate nature, quiet leadership tactics, courage, and wisdom that enables him to help his clients and their teams step into their highest potential, perform at their best, and lead their organizations in a humane way.


Sport: Basketball
College/Pro Team: Pro International
Profession: Consulting & Service
Specialty: Business Coaching
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