Gilad Karni

Helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and former athletes to operate at their highest potential by optimizing their purpose, performance & leadership.

I have spent the first 15 years of my career as a Professional Basketball Player and a Special Forces Operative. I had the fortune to explore my potential and practice my leadership in the highest-performing and highest-pressure environments where your DNA is tested to its core.

My mission today is to help ambitious leaders who pursue the greater good to go beyond their limitations and operate at their highest potential.

Gilad Karni provides coaching and training to high-level leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs with inspiring missions. Gilad is a catalyst of transformation for those who aspire to go beyond their limitations and operate at their highest potential.

Gilad’s background as a Special Forces Operative and a Professional Basketball Player with his high-level coaching combine over 20 years of experience with a breadth of knowledge in high-performing and high-pressure environments. Gilad mastered his coaching skills with some of the world-leading coaches. Gilad’s intense curiosity about the human potential led him to pursue a broad range of hands-on education with master teachers of the mind, body, and spirit, which allows him to bring different techniques, wisdom, and creativity to his work.

Earlier in his career, Gilad served as a Special Forces Operative in an elite counter-terror unit in the Israeli Army. After his military service, Gilad became a Professional Basketball Player, a rare example of athletes who ever made this transition successfully. Gilad held a 10 year basketball career; he was the captain of several teams and his national team.

Currently residing in Seattle, WA, and working with clients worldwide. Gilad brings compassionate nature, leadership tactics, courage, and wisdom that enables him to support his clients and their teams to step into their highest potential, perform at their best, and lead their vision into impact.

Executive, leadership, performance coaching & training

Sport: Basketball
College/Pro Team: Pro International
Profession: Consulting & Service
Specialty: Business Coaching
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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