Gilad Karni

Basketball and Special Forces require mastery of the self, then anything is possible - I help driven leaders live and lead successfully for the rest of their life.

I'm a thoughtful idealist who loves to challenge myself and my clients, and I always believe there is a different way.

I spent most of my life in the most competitive, high performing, and high-pressure environments. I was a Special Forces Operative in the Israeli Army and I'm a former Professional Basketball Player.
Today I get to help others to perform at their best in those environments. I provide coaching and consulting to high-level leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs with inspiring missions. I work with 
people who have achieved a lot and are ready to challenge themselves to a different level. We focus on the whole person; business, success, leadership, and life because true success requires commitment.

Coach and Consultant to Leaders, Athletes, and Entrepreneurs

Sport: Basketball
College/Pro Team: Pro International
Profession: Consulting & Service
Specialty: Business Coaching
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