Gaurav Malhotra

Avid Cyclist, Connector and Audit Master!

I am an assurance partner with Lucas Horsfall and lead the firms audit department.

Lucas Horsfall primarily works with middle market companies and the families which own them. Gaurav specializes in dealing with businesses that have international operations. As an adviser Gaurav works with companies year round advising them about tax law changes, reviewing merger and acquisition opportunities, helping improve internal control structures and other processes.

At Lucas Horsfall we have helped our clients meet their business and personal goals for more than 50 years. Our focus is on exceeding expectations and using our knowledge and experience to be a continuous resource for
our clients.

Sport: CrossBiz
College/Pro Team: UCLA
Chapter: Pasadena (CrossBiz)
Profession: Accountant
Specialty: Audit/Pension/Reporting
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

Gaurav Malhotra's activity stream

  • Lucas Horsfall Assists in Iconic California Transaction!

    Member: Gaurav Malhotra (Pasadena Team)

    Lucas Horsfall is proud to have been a part of the iconic California transaction between Central Valley Meat and Harris Ranch, which makes their combined operations now the 7th largest beef packer in the United States! Deep gratitude goes out to Brian Coelho of Central Valley Meat Holding Company for trusting Lucas Horsfall to be part of his team. Financial advisory services were performed by Jesse Yang, Bessna Plaza and Pasadena AT Member, Gaurav Malhotra! Tax advisory services were performed by Kenneth Woerner and Michael Amerio. Additionally, Lucas Horsfall was fortunate to work with amazing professionals including Marc Kenny, Sean Greaney, Marc Fosse, Larry Braun, Charlie Woo, Brad Matsik, Ryan Murphy, Robert Varela, Ron Beegle, Paul Crosbie and many others! Congratulations to Brian Coelho and all the folks at Harris!