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Bar-certified attorney and former Secret Service agent with 15 years of enforcement/security executive experience and demonstrated excellence in cyber security and risk management. Skilled in Crisis Management, Government, Law Enforcement, Surveillance, and Federal Law Enforcement. Based in Los Angeles, a consulting professional who graduated from Seattle University School of Law and Occidental College.

Partner, Head of Cyber Security and Risk Management Solutions at Grobstein Teeple LLP

Sport: Baseball
College/Pro Team: Occidental College
Chapter: Pasadena
Profession: Consulting & Services
Specialty: Cyber Security
Preferred Contact:

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  • Join Grobstein Teeple at the 2019 PGA Invesco QQQ Championship

    Member: Erik Rasmussen (Pasadena Team Meeting)

    Pasadena Team Member, ERIK RASMUSSEN, would like to extend an invite for any one that is interested in attending the 2019 PGA Invesco QQQ Championship this weekend!

    Please see below for details and you can email Erik directly at with any questions!

    Join Grobstein Teeple at the 2019 PGA Invesco QQQ Championship

    Want to attend the 2019 Invesco QQQ Championship in November? Come as our guest and get premium access. 

    RSVP to Join GT

    • Premier location overlooking the 18th Green and 10th Tee
    • All-inclusive premium food and beverages
    • Access to the Sherwood Country Club Clubhouse
    • Access to private restrooms
    • Complimentary Pairings Guide
    • Multiple televisions

    Be sure to RSVP by emailing to join GT's Erik Rasmussen in our sponsor tent. Hope to see you there!

    Have questions about the upcoming event? Contact Erik Rasmussen at today!

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