Derek Hines

Tackling your Human Sources Needs!

I am a Business Performance Advisor with Insperity, providing human capital management software and services (SaaS) to small or mid-sized businesses, that gives them the ability to enhance their productivity and efficiency while reducing the stress associ

Derek Hines is dedicated, focused, driven, supportive, and a team player. Many of these qualities became apparent through his career as a student athlete in football. After medically retiring from college football, he put his focus toward his career in business. Since making the switch from athlete to business, he has taken the same qualities that made him successful in sports and applied them to making him successful in the business world. Derek has helped many businesses and professionals along the way in every industry he has touched, quickly becoming a trusted advisor for the people he worked with. Because of these qualities Derek has quickly been able to excel in every industry he has worked in because his passion for helping people has been the driving factor in his success.

Derek is a Business Performance Advisor with Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 25 years. Insperity provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. Serving more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees, Insperity’s mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. We provide a wide range of business performance solutions, enabling business owners to be more systematic and strategic about the role people play in the success of a company. Whether you have ten employees or 5,000, Insperity’s business solutions are tailored to helping you run your business more efficiently.

Business Performance Advisor at Insperity

Sport: Football
College/Pro Team: Santa Ana College
Chapter: Orange County I
Profession: Human Resources
Specialty: Business Service
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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