Deepak Hadpawat

Founding Team Member at Diggen (Data marketplace startup)

Diggen delivers data driven customer intelligence to optimize marketing and sales efforts

A dynamic, innovative, leader with a proven track record, constantly looking for the next challenge. Experienced in steering multimillion dollar projects, implementing continuous process improvements, and driving financial success across a range of companies, from Startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Extensive corporate and real estate experience, prioritizing strategic, sustainable, and scalable growth while controlling costs. Focused on building a collaborative, high impact culture by developing individuals, cultivating a collegial team dynamic, and producing quality deliverables in high pressure environments.

M.B.A. at USC Marshall

Sport: TechBiz
College/Pro Team: Indiana University
Chapter: Playa Vista (TechBiz)
Profession: Technology
Specialty: Startups
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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