Daniel MacIas

Starting Pitcher. Wannabe golfer. Runner. Telecom Sales Pro.

Simplifying telecom, voice and cloud solutions | Atlasip.net | wanify.com

AtlasIP is a full service telecommunication and cloud marketplace in Southern California. You can leverage the relationships that we have with all the major carriers and aggregators in the country.

These partnerships empower you to get the best possible solutions for your organization. To give you an idea of exactly what we do please see below.

1. Connectivity - Dedicated Internet, Wireless, Ethernet, Dark Fiber, Wavelength, Broadband
2. Unified Communication Solutions - I.E. Hosted PBX, UCAAS, Contact Center, A/V, E-Fax
3. SD-WAN - Wanify | VeloCloud
4. Security
5. Datacenter
6. CDN
7. Cloud Disaster Recovery & Infrastructure as a service

Let's collaborate and make something happen!

Senior Solutions Consultant, Partner at Atlas IP

Sport: Baseball
College/Pro Team: Loyola Marymount University
Chapter: Manhattan Beach
Profession: Consulting & Services
Specialty: Technology Sales
Preferred Contact: dmacias@atlasip.net

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