Courtney Wilson

I am an aspiring beach volleyball athlete, and hope to qualify for the AVP. At the same time I am an aspiring successful business professional with goals of maximizing the growth of my own brand!

I work tirelessly to connect the dots in the commercial real estate world.

Between the companies that are growing, and the brokers who help them move into their new home. The passionate entrepreneur, and the designers who develop their vision. All the way through to the people who are working hard everyday defining that companies culture and brand.

I work alongside the leading players in the commercial real estate industry. Helping bring an executives workplace vision to life in a way that best aligns with the individuals who work there.

We provide the best service, most scale-able, and most innovative office furniture solutions by partnering with Knoll and hundreds of other manufactures. Our goal is to help develop a custom solution for the place where you spend the most time.

Vice President of Business Development

Sport: Beach Volleyball
College/Pro Team: University of Central Florida
Chapter: Manhattan Beach
Profession: Real Estate
Specialty: Commercial
Preferred Contact:

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