Bret Ackerman

Entrepreneur and veteran leader with broad experience in building profitable trading platforms, portfolio management, leadership development and investment analysis.

Skilled at growing organizations, leading teams, public speaking and strategic management with significant buy-side and sell-side relationships.

Anato Investment Group is the parent to a fund investment manager focused exclusively on investing in distressed real estate and asset backed fixed-income securities for both high net worth individuals and family offices. Anato does not take money from institutional investors, only partnering with people whom have common vision in regards to investment thesis and human equality. The fund vehicle is anticipated to launch in the summer of 2015. Translated from its Sandskrit origins, Anato means 'No Self' or 'No ego'. It is the embodiment of this philosophy that dictates Anato to create a philanthropic trust and contribute a large percentage of performance based fees to both the growth of the trust and direct distribution to philanthropic entities of honor.

CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Anato Investment Group, LLC

Sport: Soccer
College/Pro Team: Binhamton University
Chapter: Playa Vista
Profession: Banking & Finance
Specialty: Mergers & Acquisitions
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