Austin Watts

Gridiron Athlete Now Tackling Commercial Insurance!

Provider of risk management solutions to middle-market firms in the MFG sector: Medical Devices, Metal Finishers & more.

Austin packs parachutes.

Insurance can come cheap or thin or both, but you don't want your parachute to be either. He provides specialized consultation for manufacturing businesses, assessing their unique risk profiles and offering guidance for optimal insurance strategies. He helps insure such manufacturers as medical device companies, metal finishers, and custom carpet fabricators. When there's a catastrophic event, the companies he insures can rely on the parachutes he packs for them to see them safely to solid ground.

Risk Manager

Sport: Football
College/Pro Team: Georgia Southern University
Chapter: Westlake Village (CrossBiz)
Profession: Insurance
Specialty: Commercial
Preferred Contact: [email protected]

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