Dr. Aaron U. Levy

National Swimmer and Water Polo Athlete now Specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions

A diversified CEO (private/ publicly traded firms), innovative engineer, strategic leader, entrepreneur, author, an FAA certified Airline Transport Pilot & Flight instructor.

Dr. Levy is the founder of Emerging Transformational Ventures: A strategic business development, R&D, Marketing and M&A ventures partnership firm.  The firm specializes in financial business modeling, organizational structuring and behavior, marketing, and innovative product development.

At ETV, Dr. Levy developed a universal business simulation tool, www.revenuetool.com, based on applications of "game theory," to simulate growth scenarios as the foundation for strategic business development to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, applied to any industry.  

The objective is to engage professionals and experts in enabling transformational changes with sustainable sales growth.

A value driven visionary leader/CEO, an innovative technologist and a published author with global operational experience, Dr. Levy started his career as a scientist/designer and rapidly rose to lead as CEO, president, COO, director of several privately held and  publicly traded technology firms, ranging from early stage start up to multi-million dollar global firms. He designed, built and marketed innovative products such as high speed cosmic rays detector, infrared & magnetic card readers, networking printing devices, software for electronic forms and character recognition, and digital memory cards for portable applications.  Dr. Levy led marketing and global sales, research and development, manufacturing, financial and investment strategies, designed organizational structures, established quality control procedures and process improvements, economic development programs, presented plans in a futuristic film, and effectively executed strategies. These resulted in published sales increase over 300%, achieved product gross margins as high as 90%, increased productivity by 1,600% by inventing a manufacturing process, reduced operational costs by 52% and increase in share value by multiples.

Dr. Levy holds a PhD in management, specializing in leadership and organizational change, Masters and Bachelors of Science in Engineering.  A holder of a U.S patent for a manufacturing process, he authored a dissertation for his PhD degree "Factors Influencing CEOs" (2010) & the book "Digital Printing" (2004).  He was elected to three Young President Organization (YPO) chapters, was a nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year (E&Y, 98), and elected to honor societies Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, and Eta Kappa Nu.  

A U.S citizen, an internationalist, who grew up in several countries, Dr. Levy was privileged to live in central Africa at an early age. He witnessed a government of nativepeople organized by observing his father’s diplomatic work and gained appreciation for indigenous people, nature and love of the animal kingdom.  Active in civic organizations, he now serves on the Jane Goodall Institute's finance committee, founded by renowned primatologist. 

An avid aviator and a passionate teacher, Dr. Levy is also an FAA cetified airline transport pilot & flight instructor for instrument multi-engine complex  aircrafts.  He has trained several private and commercial pilots.  A member of the US Masters swimming and Water Polo Associations, Dr. Levy is a competitive swimmer qualified to compete at the national and world master swimming and water polo championships. He resides in Southern California.

Dr. Levy can be reached at:


CEO at ETV Global, Inc. / Founder at RevenueTool/ ATP Airline Pilot at LevyAtion

Sport: Swimming/ Water Polo
College/Pro Team: UC Irvine / USMS / US Water Polo
Chapter: Playa Vista
Profession: Consulting & Services
Specialty: Mergers & Acquisitions
Preferred Contact: aalevy@etvintl.com

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