Accelerator Program

This Rocket Fueled Accelerator is a powerful 4-week course (i.e. one, 1-hour conference call per week + homework in between) that we host via Zoom Conference. The Accelerator is designed to take you to the next level in mastering the “art & science” of professional relationship building. The course will help you understand “social capital” and help you identify the "Fab 50" in your rolodex, and triangulate those contacts into meaningful connections, currency and value.


AthletesTouch Amazing Podcast Sessions


We are all just one major relationship from exploding In our career or business. This is the Accelerator- supercharged. It’s a 4-week one on one course (1.5 hours a week) via Zoom Conference, where we literally help you build your Fab 50 and personalize your journey to revolutionize your professional relationship building.


AthletesTouch is ...

A powerful and exclusive membership community comprised of high performing former professional and collegiate athletes who share common values and perspective to advance in the world of business.

It is an inspirational and aspirational community, which features high level speakers who share great stories. Members engage and discuss relevant subject matter in the spirit of a “pay it forward” model to unlock our respective social capital as a currency, in order to help our fellow members and others win in the sport of business.

Membership Ethos

  • Our members are of the highest quality and character
  • We exist to find ways to provide true value of others
  • We observe total confidentiality and a circle of trust.
  • We help others win.
  • We look to partner with and be a resource to others.
  • We look to inspire our teammates.
  • We realize our greatest currency (other than money) is our relationships.
  • We intend on being a center of influence with our clients and our stakeholders to be a resource for all things.
  • We believe in timely response and professional courtesy.
  • Relationships are a two-way street, and not WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”)