Larry Steinberg

Tax Mitigation

Larry helps people keep more of their own money and then invest like the best professional investors, endowments and pensions

Larry Steinberg, aka the Financial Quarterback, is a well‐known financial advisor, thought leader, and speaker. Larry is a published author, has been quoted in numerous publications and is a regular speaker at numerous conferences and industry events including Global Indexing and ETFs (June 2016), the Western Non‐Traded REIT & Alternative Investment Symposium (December 2015), and the Crowdfunding Forum (September 2015). Larry’s focus is on tax mitigation, where he works with his client’s accountant and attorney using tools such as captive insurance, deferred sales trust, qualified plans, and 1031/1035 exchanges to reduce the client’s tax footprint and allow them to keep more of their own money. He then uses the Household Endowment Model (HEM) to manage their investments. HEM allocates globally to traditional and nontraditional investments which includes alternative investments. Please contact the office for more information.

Financial Quarterback

Sport: football and rugby
College/Pro Team: Occidental College
Chapter: Pasadena
Profession: Investment Adviser
Specialty: Taxation
Preferred Contact: email

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